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Our coaching process

Our action learning approach to coaching provides a flexible, individualised process where coaching works in concert with mentoring to facilitate your change process. Coaching activates and develops your personal motivation, capacity and skills, while mentoring gives you personalised access to usable management techniques and knowledge.

Together they offer you solution focussed values, ideas and information that are relevant to your current needs, when you need them, and as you are ready to use them.

Each personalised learning program combines coaching and mentoring so that you develop your personal abilities as you apply new practical techniques. This provides practical ways of dealing with immediate issues, while at the same time developing deep leadership attitudes and skills that you carry forward as you build your ongoing effectiveness and wellbeing.

First, together we identify your coaching objectives based on development areas that are most important for you and your team or organisation. Depending on your situation, your manager or sponsor might be involved in this stage.

We then develop your personalised action learning program using established coaching techniques and management knowledge, so that you can develop your skills by working on specific issues that are directly relevant to you, at a pace and in a way that is suits you. 

We then assess and reflect on progress, consolidating what works well and making changes where that's beneficial. This develops your deep learning while getting specific results that are immediately useful for you. 

This aims to build your leadership by supporting and developing you and your team in line with your organisation's strategic context. For both your workplace and for yourself, It delivers immediate results while cultivating long term change.