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Michael Muetzelfeldt

Michael Muetzelfeldt
Michael is a highly experienced leadership and executive coach, generally helping experts and specialists flourish as they navigate transitions to broader leadership roles. He has practical experience in management and leadership in large complex organisations, and has academic expertise in management, leadership and strategic collaboration. 

His coaching combines his knowledge, skills and practical experience to focus on developing each client’s personal performance in concert with organisational performance.

Michael establishes a strong rapport with each client and their situation, and guides them to find new ways to address work-related challenges.

He assists leaders extend their personal skills and abilities, and apply these to broader contextual aspects of their work. He also helps them achieve greater balance and clarity as they face competing professional and personal expectations. This leads to increased confidence, a clearer sense of purpose and strategic awareness, and more focused and effective performance for his clients and for the people they lead and influence. This is the path to flourishing leadership.

Michael frequently works with people as they move beyond their specialist expertise to develop their leadership skills, so they can deliver broader professional outcomes with more strategic focus. He assists them find new ways to:

  • lead and influence more diverse teams, and deliver results through their teams,
  • work more strategically with enlarged circles of colleagues, clients, business partners and stakeholders, and 
  • be more assured and agile in complex and changing situations.

He is currently on the coaching panels of several higher education, public sector and not-for-profit organisations. He coaches emerging leaders through to senior executives, who are responsible for governance, developing strategy and policy, implementing change, and delivering projects and programs.

Michael understands the challenges that executives face. He has been there himself. He has been an effective leader in complex and dynamic organisations responding to external change while maintaining focus on strategic development and delivering business-as-usual results. He also has expertise as an academic in organisational studies, including designing and delivering postgraduate professional courses and ten years as professor of business management. 

His coaching combines evidence based coaching techniques with his management experience and expertise, assisting each client to use their strengths to work towards their goals at a pace and in a way that suits them. He uses an individualised action learning program for each client, enhancing their leadership by supporting and developing them in line with their individual characteristics and their organisational needs.

Michael is a Certified Professional Coach with the International Coach Federation, an Accredited Executive Coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is a qualified facilitator for 360 feedback and organisational profiling tools with the Center for Creative Leadership, and is trained and experienced in a range of other profiling instruments. He has BSc(Hon) and PhD qualifications.

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