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Insight Leadership Coaching is a niche leadership and executive development service that specialises in enhancing the leadership of key people at all levels in the organisation. Our clients include:

  • specialists transitioning to leadership roles
  • managers and leaders becoming more effective leaders with increased strategic focus, and
  • executives looking for an independent sounding board and fresh perspectives.

We work with you to improve workplace performance through developing leadership in high potential people across the organisation. Our distinctive combination of coaching and mentoring combines our skill and experience in coaching with our expertise in management, organisation development and leadership.

Our leadership coaching aims to:

  • improve the professional or workplace performance of individuals and teams
  • expand professional career opportunities
  • improve business management strategies, and
  • increase each client's engagement and fulfillment

We aim for you to flourish as a leader. We do this by working on professional and workplace issues in concert with developing your self-awareness, self-confidence and emotional intelligence.

Using our action learning approach, professional/workplace development and personal development support one another, so effective leadership and personal well being increase together. This leads to improved performance, more successful leadership, and added personal fulfilment – so work/life synergy comes more easily.

Action learning -- our distinctive combination of coaching and mentoring

Our skill and experience in coaching and facilitation builds on the strong foundation of our expertise in management, organisation development and leadership. So we are able to provide a distinctive and effective combination of coaching and mentoring, using action learning with mentoring facilitating the coaching process.

This leads to improved personal and workplace performance as we coach each client to develop their personal capacities through applying new practical techniques.

Through coaching we work with each person to identify goals and outcomes in line with their organisational and personal values and situation, and then develop their motivation, capacity and skills for achieving them.

Our mentoring offers individualised access to usable management expertise within the coaching process, offering each person solution focussed key ideas and information, relevant to their current needs, when they need it, and as they are ready to use it. This works in concert with coaching to facilitate the coaching process.

Each personalised action learning program combines coaching and mentoring so that each participant develops their personal abilities as they apply new practical techniques. This process provides practical ways of dealing with immediate issues, while at the same time developing deep leadership attitudes and skills that participants carry forward as they build their ongoing effectiveness and become flourishing leaders.

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